Tiny but Powderful...

What do you do when your space is limited but you really want, or in some cases, need a main floor bathroom? One option is adding a small bathroom or powder room. This is a bathroom that fits within your existing blueprint and doesn't require a total overhaul or home remodel to make it work within your space.  Here at Quartersawn, we love anything that will make your life and household run smoothly. Check out some of our powder rooms and small bathrooms below. 

Liden bathroom.jpg

Metal Railings We Know and Love

We love custom details! Incredible metal railings happen to fall into this category.  We've installed railings in new homes as well as in remodeled homes we've designed and built. In either setting, they stand out as a modern, sophisticated design statement.


Looking Back

This week we are looking back on past Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase projects. It's fun to see the spaces in their original state and how they've transformed. We're looking forward to showing a beautiful home renovation this weekend in West Edina. We would love to see you there! Link here for details


brennan before 1.jpg
brennan after .jpg

fall remodelers 2015.jpg
fall 2015 rs.jpg

spring 2015.jpg
spring 2015 remodeler.jpg

Parade of Homes Fall Remodelers Showcase

You're invited to tour Quartersawn's modern reinvention of a classic 1970's rambler.  See how we transformed these dated spaces into something light, bright, and welcoming. 


remodelers arrow red 39.jpg

Follow red arrows to:

6209 Loch Moor Drive

Edina, MN 55439

Friday, September 29th- Sunday, October 1st NOON-6:00 PM

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We've completely transformed the kitchen, dining room, living room and eating area! Come and visit us to see more. 

Wallpaper...More than just a Trend

Hygge & West (Petal Pusher)

Hygge & West (Petal Pusher)

blog wallpaper 3.jpg

We get asked about wallpaper a lot these days. Our clients are open to using wallpaper as an accent or statement for their homes. After seeing a resurgence of wallpaper in the United States and elsewhere over the past five plus years, I think it's safe to say that wallpaper is more than just a trend. The trend is here to stay as an effective way to design and decorate spaces in the home.  

The options for wallpaper are growing quickly with many companies creating amazing designs and patterns. 

blog wallpaper 2.jpg
Hygge & West (Otomi) 

Hygge & West (Otomi) 


Here are a few papers our clients have chosen in the past. We are excited to see what they will choose next. If you're interested in learning more let us know and we will bring the latest designs and trends to you. 






Bathrooms, powder rooms, hallways, entryways, closets ... there are so many places that can be given texture and pattern to create a more more interesting space. 


Take the Long Way Home

A while back I decided to ditch the highways, gridlock and road rage for a more peaceful commute. Minnehaha Parkway is now the route I take to and from work and I have to say, I'm struck by it's beauty and charm daily. It's a winding road with a slower pace but it's one that I'm willing to take over the stress of the freeway. 

One great advantage of this route is driving by projects Quartersawn has worked on in the past. There are some amazing Minneapolis homes along this drive that we've taken part in building and restoring. I decided to share the view with you this week and point out a few homes along this stretch we've had the honor of working on. 

Driving by the gardens and the well cared for homes 

Driving by the gardens and the well cared for homes 

Quartersawn Project: Creekside Contemporary (interior pics here) 

Quartersawn Project: Creekside Contemporary (interior pics here) 

Amazing bike trail that hugs the creek for miles 

Amazing bike trail that hugs the creek for miles 

Quartersawn Project along the Parkway 

Quartersawn Project along the Parkway 

Appreciating the landscape  

Appreciating the landscape  

Quartersawn Project along the parkway (see the before and after here) 

Quartersawn Project along the parkway (see the before and after here

Getting Creative with Custom Steel

We like to incorporate steel in creative ways in our designs and projects. Steel isn't just for handrails and structural I-beams. Steel can be fabricated and crafted into integral components of a project. Steel can easily be added to homes that have a modern aesthetic but can also add  to a something unique to traditional homes. Take a look at some of our steel detailing in these highlighted projects. 

Custom steel plate embedded into the fireplace 

Custom steel plate embedded into the fireplace 

Custom steel door awning built for added weather protection 

Custom steel door awning built for added weather protection 

Custom steel framing around the fireplace 

Custom steel framing around the fireplace 

Steel I-Beams built specially for this porch 

Steel I-Beams built specially for this porch 

Working with Familiar Faces

We want to take a moment and show our gratitude for our returning clients. Currently, 4 out of our 5 existing projects are returning clients and their family members. We are so honored to be working with these folks again and building on the work we started years ago. 

Here are some project highlights with these past clients. We look forward to sharing the existing projects and their outcomes with you soon.  

Diamond Lake Two-Story

hart-shaf exterior before and after 3.jpg

We transformed a one-story into a two-story home located in the beautiful Diamond Lake Neighborhood of Minneapolis. We are currently working on the basement in this home and look forward to seeing the transformation!

Linden Hills Modern Cottage

One of our most involved projects to date was this home located in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. The entire first floor was removed and rebuilt! Below are some shots of the kitchen before the renovation and after. We are thrilled to be currently working on a project for this client's family

Lynnhurst  Creekside Contemporary 

This was a remarkable renovation of a new home in the Lynnhurst Neighborhood. The newly built home had so much potential, the bones were there we just had to create a new layout for the interior. The exterior aesthetic now matches the interior and we are so happy to be back at it working out a few more details.  

Kingfield Kitchen Remodel

This project transformed the previous kitchen that had little counter space and no eating area into a functional family friendly room. We added a beautiful island with a large white marble countertop along with opening up a spacious eating area in the corner of the room with plenty of natural light. We look forward to completing the second round of remodeling for this family's basement area. Pictures soon to come!