Improved Kitchen Views

We work hard at creating spaces that our clients can enjoy and utilize. Having a kitchen view that makes you happy is important considering many of us spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. Here are some examples from projects we've worked on that have drastically improved the kitchen view. 


Happy Thanksgiving

open door to office wesbite.JPG

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Quartersawn! We are grateful to work in beautiful neighborhoods with some of the greatest people around :) 

Thank you to all our past clients and to all the people involved in making these projects successful. 

Urban Infill: Lot Split

This project was a new home built on a lot split which is a great example of an urban infill. Take a tour of the interior and check out the great companies and manufacturers we worked with on this home. 

Entrance is lined with zinc panels 

All furniture made by Danish Teak Classics (great local company)

Fireplace is dry stacked blue stone rumford 

Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) Douglas Fir 

Royal Mesa heated tile floor 

Lowen Windows and Doors were used throughout the house 

Richlite Island Wrap

Tips for Keeping a Tight House

This past month our Project Manager had an opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by the  Building Science Corporation. He brought back some helpful tips for keeping a tight house this winter. Here they are in no particular order: 

swedish house winter.jpg

1. When sealing a house, you get the most bang for your buck by sealing the top of the house first.

2. The majority of heat loss (30-40%) occurs through air leakage. This could be in the form of penetrations not being sealed, lighting into the attic, etc.. The 2nd biggest area (20-25%) is through the foundation. 

3. Include a dehumidifier with all finished basement projects.

4. Whenever possible, insulate underneath the basement slab and on the outside of foundation walls. 



Pop of Color

Quartersawn Home

Quartersawn Home

A lot of people struggle with adding color to their home, especially in the kitchen! One easy way to break out of the white, grey, beige and black mold is by adding colorful bar stools. They instantly add a pop of color that makes the room feel brighter and more interesting and they are not permanent... you can replace them easily once you're ready for a new color scheme. Let's take a look at some of our past clients bar stool choices and a few other inspirational photos taken from other sources. 

Quartersawn Home: Our feature home from Remodeler's Showcase 2017

Quartersawn Home: Our feature home from Remodeler's Showcase 2017

Quartersawn Home

Quartersawn Home



2017 Fall Conference Rundown

Our team attended a few seminars and conferences in the month of October. We want to share with you the tips, videos and articles that will help you make smart decisions when it comes to building and maintaining your home.

build better blog.jpg

MN Green Path Seminar- Building the High-Performance House  referenced a great article, which is a great read for anyone interested in building with high quality materials : 

According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, there will be around a million-and-a-half housing units built in the United States this year (unit includes apartments, condos, and single-family houses). Most of these units will be built to the standard of the applicable building codes. That sounds like a good thing, but remember that the code is a minimum standard, so a house that simply meets code requirements is the worst house you can legally build. Continue reading 


Another seminar, with Gord Cooke, had a lot of great technical advice like "your foundation accounts for 25% of your overall heat loss" and "roof sheathing ventilation NOT attic ventilation is the correct approach", also the American Panel Association is a free resource that shows how to build with less wood. 

What's more exciting is the "Construction Instruction" app which has some really great graphics explaining heat gain/heat loss, vapor barriers, recommended suppliers and much more. We will be coming back to this app as we explore more articles and videos. 

Here is one more link to our latest blog post that shares a few helpful tips on keeping a "tight" house for the winter. 

Tiny but Powderful...

What do you do when your space is limited but you really want, or in some cases, need a main floor bathroom? One option is adding a small bathroom or powder room. This is a bathroom that fits within your existing blueprint and doesn't require a total overhaul or home remodel to make it work within your space.  Here at Quartersawn, we love anything that will make your life and household run smoothly. Check out some of our powder rooms and small bathrooms below. 

Liden bathroom.jpg

Metal Railings We Know and Love

We love custom details! Incredible metal railings happen to fall into this category.  We've installed railings in new homes as well as in remodeled homes we've designed and built. In either setting, they stand out as a modern, sophisticated design statement.