15 Amazing Years Have Flown By!

Today, Saturday, March 28th,
Quartersawn celebrates 15 YEARS of
Relationships, Professionalism, Creativity, and Joy!

Enjoy the infographic above or read on for a deeper dive on some of the information.

Repeat Customers

It is our relationships with our homeowners and the honor of being trusted with your homes, which has brought us the most joy over these fifteen years. There is no greater honor than when a homeowner we have worked with in the past invites us back for a second (or third) remodeling project— to those distinctive Quartersawn Alumni, we thank you for your repeat business.

Experienced Staff

Our team, known affectionately as The Qcrew, ranges from first year carpentry apprentices, administrative staff, designers, to project managers with decades of experience. The Qcrew totals 18 and averages a whopping 12.5 years of experience in design or construction!

Range of Work

While Kitchen Remodels have been a part of a whopping 49% of our total projects to date, they are far from all that we do. Quartersawn has completed a wide range of projects over these fifteen years including a barn restoration, several new home builds, a cantilevered modern addition to a 1950’s colonial, lifted a second story into the air to rebuild the floor underneath it, and more. See all of our projects in our portfolio.

Homeowner Relationships

From our first initial client meetings to our customized project-end “Move-In Day” celebrations, over each project, we meet with our homeowners between 30-40 times to review and update so we stay aligned and transparent. Not to mention— our homeowners are really cool people. We just like to hang out with them.

Five on Fremont

They could be referrals or maybe the neighbors just saw our sign… but our work tends to create a ripple effect. We have completed five projects on Fremont Avenue in Minneapolis and are currently working on our third project on Goodrich Avenue in St. Paul… and that’s just the beginning.

Treat Yo Staff!

Every Friday morning our entire production team (Carpenters, Field Superintendents, and Project Managers) meet at the QDB office. At Field Meetings, we review next week’s schedule, conduct ongoing safety training, and share best practices. Someone is always assigned to bring donuts. Bogart’s are a staff favorite, but we have to be honest… we don’t discriminate.

* Okay, Okay. We might have made an educated guess on the 2×4’s