Building Joy – Edina Magazine Feature

We are so excited about this beautiful feature from Edina Magazine about the remodel of Quartersawn founders Jeff & Leslie’s own home.

“It gave us a really good appreciation for our [clients]. What’s the experience they’re having?” says Leslie, cofounder and accounts manager of the firm. Whether you’re doing dishes in the tub for a week or are unable to fully access the bathroom, the process isn’t a cakewalk. “It’s never easy waking up and having people at your house,” Leslie says.

The upside? “We really emphasize this as an opportunity to get exactly what you want,” Jeff says. The carte blanche ethos of Quartersawn is something unique even beyond the realm of remodels. “You can’t go into most restaurants and order anything you want’ you order off a menu,” Jeff says, “But when you’re designing and crafting a remodel project, you really get to choose what ingredients are going to go into this. And we help guide them, try to find successful solutions.”

See the full article here.