Kitchen Storage Roundup

This gathering of some of Quartersawn’s “greatest hits” of kitchen storage is full of solutions to maximize space, live and cook clutter-free, and keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

During our design process, we take the time with homeowners to map out each and every cupboard and drawer to ensure every pan, plate, and whisk will have its place once construction is complete. Our design team considers not just how you will use your space, but how your things will function in your space.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite storage-related design features.

The kitchen island is at the top of many homeowner’s “must-have” lists when considering a kitchen remodel. Most people think of it as a social and gathering space but it also where you will do the bulk of your meal prep! This island features an oven and large drawers (not seen) to store daily dishes as well as cabinets on the opposite end to house less frequently used kitchen gadgets and appliances.

What’s better than one island? Two islands pulling double duty— one functioning as a prep area and another as a family center for craft projects, homework, and a place to entertain guests.

Open shelving is a popular design trend but it requires the balance of plenty of lower cabinet and pantry space to work. This large kitchen gives the homeowners plenty of storage as well as shelf space to display their beautiful serving pieces and frequently used dishes.

This custom made steel shelving unit strikes the perfect balance, providing some open shelving, while also keeping the storage space of upper cabinets.

This remodeled rambler features storage solutions in every corner, but perhaps most enviable is the large pantry for dry food storage and countertop pantry that hides a coffee bar!

Everyone loves their morning coffee but not necessarily the counter-top clutter your coffee maker or Keurig can create. This clever corner cabinet hides the homeowner’s coffee station out of view when not in use and saves valuable counter space.

Custom nooks and recesses are great for storing special items, like this homeowner’s collection of cookbooks, which are able to be kept neatly on display and conveniently within reach.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of some of our favorite kitchen storage solutions! What organization and storage challenges do you have in your current kitchen and what fun and creative solutions could the Quartersawn design team dream up to help you solve them?