Supply Chain Issues–New People, New Solutions

Liz Rydel is Quartersawn’s Construction Coordinator. She’s been with us for six months. She came to us at a crucial time, and we don’t know how we would manage without her.

Liz’s journey into the construction world began in college. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, graduating in 2008 when the economy was precarious, and jobs were difficult to find. She decided to temporarily change course. She volunteered for Americorps, an organization that works with communities around the country to develop and build affordable housing. During her two-year tenure with Americorps, Liz learned that she loved building more than design, and pivoted her career goals to the construction side of housing.

At Quartersawn, Liz is the connection between our design staff and construction staff. Our designers bring homeowner-approved selections to Liz, such as appliance or lighting packages. Liz orders and schedules them so they arrive at the appropriate time in the construction schedule.

The pandemic-induced supply chain issues that have plagued the building industry for the past several months have made Liz’s job challenging. The biggest supply chain challenges, according to Liz, have been with appliances. Paneled dishwashers are at the top of the list, with other appliances and windows close behind. Light fixtures have been an issue, as well. Factories are experiencing staffing shortages and quality control issues due to COVID-19, which means that even when items arrive on time, they’re frequently damaged and need to be returned. While we can’t control the supply chain issues, we have taken proactive measures to keep projects on track. To counteract the long timelines, Quartersawn has been encouraging homeowners to make appliance selections early. That allows plenty of time for arrival, as well as time for Liz to return and re-order any necessary items.

The final piece of the solution is patience. Homeowners, Liz says, “have been great!” They’ve been ready and willing to go with the flow when the QCrew needs to offer a temporary appliance or light fixture, until their permanent, perfect piece arrives.

All of us at Quartersawn are grateful for that patience these last two years, and for the incredible homeowners with which we’ve had the pleasure to work.

Liz Rydel, Quartersawn's Construction Coordinator